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Our Work

Kwality Bakers, Pune: Premium Brown Khari

Kwality Bakers, Pune: Assorted Premium Cookies

Infinite Minds

Kwality Bakers, Pune: Kreamy Punch Bread Roll

Liefern Solutions & More Pvt Ltd

Denish, Mumbai: Masti Cakes

Denish, Mumbai: Handmade Premium Cookies

IMAEC Medntek

Kwality Bakers, Mumbai: Kreamy Magic Bread Roll

Maa Ranjanadevi Inspire Hospital

Kwality Bakers, Mumbai: Toasts Assortment

Firaqui – The Fragrance Boutique

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Namkeen

The Gypsy Souls

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Rebranding

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Takeaway


Kaka Halwai Sweets: Diwali Faral

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Festive Treat

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Celebration

MIT VGS Vishwashanti Gurukul School

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Sutarfeni

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Rasagulla

Deepskills Consulting Pvt Ltd

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Namkeen

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Dry Snack Box Set

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Gulab Jamun

Kwality Bakers, Pune: Fruit Biscuits

Kwality Bakers, Mumbai: Elaichi Toasts

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Snack Canisters

Denish: Caker Sliced Cakes

Kedar Jadhav Sports Foundation

Alpha Bakers Suji Rusk

Alpha Bakers Brown Khari

Kaka Halwai Sweets: Pani Puri

Kaka Halwai Sweets Cashewbite

Blue Bell Ergonomics

CFP Pravin: Gulab Jamun Mix

Quest Process Consulting

Atlas Copco

Richfeel: Hair Care Products

Samrat Developers

BSMART: Complete Enterprise Solutions

Wonder Whole Wheat Bread


BSMART: Complete Enterprise Solutions


Fruit Affair

Blow Plast Ergonomics Ltd

Only Wheat

Arka Green

Cafe Chokolade

Katakirr Misal

Easy Chop Pro: Chopping Board

Red Stone Village

Funtreat Cookies

Red Stone Village

Hot On The Dot: Meal Delivery

Fruit Affair: Fruit Jams

Tom’s Tomato Ketchup

Amol Palekar Movie Profile

Dirt Buster: Detergent Powder

Drive Dealz: Self Drive Car rental

Grand Chariot: The Caravan

Magic King: Tomato Ketchup

Easyhang: Foldable Hanger

BITS Technologies: Support +

Easy Chop Pro: Chopping Board

Easyhold: Garment Holder Clip

BITS Language Services

Kwality Milk Rusk

Red Chillies: The Fashion Store


Winn Pickles

Quick Break: Short Tours

Body & Soul: Slimming & Beauty Clinic

Softfeel: Haircare Products

Special Blend: Black Leaf Tea

Mindshare: Pov-Wow

Kwality Jeera Butter

Orient: Chinese Sauces

Sharpedge Technologies

Gusto Crispy Cashew

Wild Campers

Sobha Developers: Sobha Garnet

Winn Tomato Ketchup

Grand Chariot: The Caravan


Kwality Premium Khari

MDS Business Solutions

Wazwaan Restaurant

Cafe Chokolade Lava Cake

TSS: Crucibles

CEMAST: Surgical Training

Hot On The Dot: Meal Delievery Services

Fruzzle Fruit Syrups

Girikand Holidays

Wonder Twisted Khari

By the Lake: NA Bungalow Plots

Girikand Holidays

Brugge: La Chocolaterie

Zing Rings: Onion Ring Snack

Girikand MICE

Easy Hang: Foldable Hanger

Fasttrack Travels

Girikand Holidays

Wonder Khari

Magic King


Indian Mother’s Pride, Chicago

Club Royale: Exclusive Holidays

Girikand Holidays

Haily Power Saver

Exotican: Canned Food

Girikand Holidays

Easyhold: Garment Holder Clips

O Chai

Hey Gorgeous: Ethnic Wear Boutique

Pyramid Ice Cream

Love Birds: Honeymoon Tours

Kan Biosys: Biotech Products

Bora Foods: Cumin Seeds

Mahesh Rathi

Shriram Gruh Udyog

Zanzanit Thecha

Girikand Holidays

Indian Seed Congress

Easy Hang: Foldable Hanger

Hot on the Dot: Meal Delivery Services

Robocon Jr 2014

Robocon Jr 2013

Exotican: Canned Food

Kathasaar: The Content Studio

Vidya Cooperative Bank

R P Vaidya: Spices

Kathasaar: The Content Studio

Chatrapati Steels

Surabhi: The Indian Pav Bhaji Masala

Indian Mother’s Pride

Fasttrack Travels

Bio Natural

Red Frog: Fashion Clothing

Nyati Group

O Chai

NSA: Indian Seed Congress

Hangout Laundromat Lounge

Delish Flavoured Lassi

Angat Pangat Restaurant

Bella Vista


Burdies: Campervan Tours

Surabhi Pickles

Sharpedge Technologies

Winsor Harmony: NA Bungalow Plots

Crispy Aaloo: Potato Chips

Parivartan: The Self Help Group

Mulay I Square: Industrial Workspaces

Fruzzle Syrups

Dr Rohan Jahagirdar

Kaushal Solar

Kam-Wah Hakka Noodles

Green Gold Seeds Ltd

Sobha Developers

One 2 Ka 4: Pachak Mukhwas

ShreeOm Steels

SAA Interiors

Oro Cafe

Lyceum Academy of Sports & Fitness

Keppys: Snacks

Skydeer Security Systems

CS Bokil Punde & Associates


Special Blend Black Leaf Tea

Chatrapati Steels


Super Ball: Rice & Corn Puffs

Soul: The Antique Boutique

Lyceum Academy of Sports & Fitness

Kaushal Solar


Eetee Clothing

One 2 Ka 4 Pachak Mukhwas

Twizzle Dessert Toppings

Atharva Model Works

Omega Greenzone: NA Bungalow Plots

Vikram Tea

Bhagyashree Enterprises


Winn Chinese Sauces

SuPeak Business Ideas

SRS Hospital

Zomato Tomato Sauce

Tupe Gaikwad & Abhijeet Gaikwad Associates

ShreeOm Steels


Having been a part of the industry since 1992, we have supported some of the biggest names across verticals, whether it was for content or marketing related services. Here’s some of our recurring clientele: