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Kelyane Bhashantar

When Indian languages are fighting a battle for survival, there are few who are working hard to keep them alive. In this issue, we salute the spirit and people behind ‘Kelyane Bhashantar,’ a tri-monthly that publishes short stories in Marathi translated from various foreign languages.

Started by Mr Vidyasagar Mahajan, Mrs Sunanda Mahajan, Dr. Vivekananda Phadke and Mrs Anagha Bhat-Behere, this tri-monthly is a virtual treat for lover of quality literature.

As is the case with such initiatives, ‘Kelyane Bhashantar’ is always in short supply when it comes to contributors, despite they being willing to pay a nominal honorarium as its reader base is limited to only a few hundred.

Let us all join hands to support this great initiative by subscribing, contributing by offering to translate short stories or by simply spreading the word.

No matter how you wish to contribute, you can get in touch with Mrs Sunanda Mahajan at

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