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Game Global Forum, Warsaw

We have all heard about how gaming is the next big thing in practically every country across the face of our planet. Gaming is as much a source of work for UI designers as it is for testers. But don’t miss how it can be a huge source of revenue for translation and localisation companies. Head to Warsaw as the organisers of the hugely successful LocWorld Conference are hosting the Game Global Forum.

The Game Global Forum promises to be a huge a opportunity to learn, network and find the right people to work for you, pick up a lead here or a project there or then to simply see what competitors are doing.

The Forum that will be held in Warsaw on 05 and 06 June 2018 at the Warsaw Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre is a new stand-alone event that also covers functional and localization testing of games. Game Global Forum is an open and transparent event for all who are willing to share their endeavors, successes and best practices in a collaborative manner with the goal of improving the industry through networking, sharing insights and learning.

Visit for more information about the program or to register.

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