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Confederation of India Translation and Localisation Companies (CITLoc)

The world is waking up to the Indian translation and localisation industry and this time the focus is on the world’s newest Translation and Localisation Company Association being formed in India. BITS is proud to, once again, lead the initiative in what will surely prove to be a defining moment as far as organising an otherwise fragmented industry is concerned.

CITLoC, the Confederation of India Translation and Localisation Companies, will act as the Translation and Localisation industry’s voice within and outside the country and represent its members and their interest by liaising with the government and the industry to drive policy making and improve standards.

If you are connected with Language, Translation or Localisation, as a buyer or as a seller or then in the capacity of a student, teacher, researcher, tool developer or a stakeholder in any other capacity, we would like to have you on board.

Do write to and we will get you started.


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