International Terminology Summer School 2019

The International Terminology Summer School is a leading qualification for terminology, language and information professionals. This summer school is intended for language professionals, information experts and technical writers that endeavor to implement professional terminology management in their organisations.

Terminology management continues to become an ever-important aspect of your organisation’s content creation and management systems, particularly to keep up with the changing trends in content creation, translation and consumption.

The 2019 edition of the International Terminology Summer School will be conducted in Vienna from July 8 to July 12. So, head to Vienna this summer to receive comprehensive training to take your organisation’s terminology management to the next level.

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EUATC Annual Conference 2019

The flagship event of the European Union Association of Translation Companies, the EUATC Annual Conference is back with its 14th edition. The international conference will be help in the Estonian capital of Tallinn this year on 25 and 26 April 2019.

Titled “People, Looks and Tech,” this edition will focus on the Management and Sales aspect and will see top decision-makers from LSPs as attendees. The speakers will treat various topics to help attendees maximise their key assets, remodel their business and deploy the best strategies and technologies to break into new markets.

So head to Tallinn this spring where this event will be hosted by EUATC member, Eesti Tõlkebüroode Liit (Association of Estonian Translation Companies).

GALA 2019 Munich

Head to Munich this Spring!

Munich will play host to the GALA Language of Business conference from 24th March to 27th March 2019. The conference welcomes all members of the translation and localization industry community, including providers of language services, managers of global content, and language technology developers. It aims to provide an opportunity to net-work and create a platform for peer-to-peer learning.

Along with structured networking sessions, the 4-day event also has masterclasses, interactive sessions and talks on relevant themes such as Machine Translation, Video Localisation, Operations Management, etc.

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tcworld India 2019

Head to Bangalore, the IT powerhouse of India that will host the tcworld India 2019 conference on 28 February 28 and 01 March at the Taj Hotel.
The conference will address topics such as cloud, mobile, and project management documentation, in addition to documentation standards and video and content requirements. Discover presentations, expert panel discussions, and focused workshops covering a wide range of topics such as: cloud documentation, mobile documentation, documentation standards, project management, video documentation, content requirements for mobile documentation, and much more.
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Together 2019 – Elia

With its mission to strengthen the language industry by bringing language service companies and independent language professionals together in a positive, collaborative environment, ELIA presents the fourth edition of Together. The event will take place in Barcelona on February 21 and 22 and will focus on the theme of “Mastering Digital Transformation.” This would be a wonderful opportunity for industry stakeholders to learn new skills, expand and enhance business relationships and gain a new perspective on the future of the industry.

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The clear blue skies of California are calling!

California will play host to an unusual conference which is more of an UNconference. The UNConference doesn’t have presentations or speakers. Limited to senior staff at language service companies, it is more casual and more focused. The organisers are laying emphasis on participants breaking into smaller groups so that each person can be an active part of a conversation, not just a passive member of an audience. Facilitators will provide a touch of moderation and structure. This participant-driven meeting allows you to have thought-provoking discussions with some of the brightest minds in the industry–about the issues that matter to you most.

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tcworld 2018

Head to Stuttgart that will play host to one of the most important conferences of the language and localisation industry, the tcworld 2018. Participants will be treated to a host of topics ranging from content strategies, information products, terminology and visual design to translation, localisation, quality assurance and information logistics. Get a chance to learn, discuss, compare, expand your network, look for new business, find your next job or your next business partner or simply meet your LinkedIn buddies.


Confederation of India Translation and Localisation Companies (CITLoc)

The world is waking up to the Indian translation and localisation industry and this time the focus is on the world’s newest Translation and Localisation Company Association being formed in India. BITS is proud to, once again, lead the initiative in what will surely prove to be a defining moment as far as organising an otherwise fragmented industry is concerned.

CITLoC, the Confederation of India Translation and Localisation Companies, will act as the Translation and Localisation industry’s voice within and outside the country and represent its members and their interest by liaising with the government and the industry to drive policy making and improve standards.

If you are connected with Language, Translation or Localisation, as a buyer or as a seller or then in the capacity of a student, teacher, researcher, tool developer or a stakeholder in any other capacity, we would like to have you on board.

Do write to and we will get you started.


Language Industry Summit 2018

The Language Industry Summit 2018 is set to be a Summit like no other, that sets the event apart from other industry conferences. As well as three innovative and useful master classes held on Thursday morning, the spectacular line up of speakers makes this conference appealing to language industry professionals over the globe.

Topics covered will include Transnational Organised Crime and Translation, Brexit and the future of LSPs, insight from the European Parliament along with industry associations coming together to discuss working alongside each other in the future with representatives from the UK and Europe.

The theme for this year’s Language Industry Summit is ‘Changing Landscape: UK language industry 2020 and beyond’. The event will be held in the vibrant city of Cardiff at the Hilton Hotel and there will be a Pre-Summit Drinks Reception held on Wednesday 19 September, which includes a guided tour of the historic Cardiff Castle and is sponsored by Barclays Bank. To attend this drinks reception, please fill out the booking form online.

This year, for the first time, ATC is also holding a Small Business Initiative on Saturday 22 September which consists of a dedicated session of mentoring for small business owners.

If this is something that interests you, you can visit to register.

8th Annual Language Industry Awards

Today, a growing number of businesses understand the importance of communicating with stakeholders in their language to improve user engagement and enhance retention of the brand’s message. This assumes all the more significance in a land of 1.3 billion people that boasts of 1652 spoken languages and 22 official languages. And yet, the translation and localisation industry is at best disorganised and lacks the kind of impetus it needs.

BITS Private Limited, one of the oldest translation companies in India, has worked relentlessly to support the translation and localisation industry in India. In 2011, BITS instituted the Annual Language Industry Awards to recognise and honour those who have made significant contributions to the language, translation or localisation industry.

The awards are given out at the Gala Awards Function that BITS hosts every year on the occasion of the International Translation Day. Stay tuned for more announcements as regards the venue and the program for the evening as BITS hosts the 8th Annual Language Industry Awards on Sunday, 30 September 2018.

Write to us at if you wish to attend this event or if you know someone who deserves to be recognised and honoured for their work. We would love to hear from you.