If you are street-smart and a quick learner, have an eye for detail and the passion to make it as a Language Professional, call us now to find out how we can help to make it happen for you. We are all the more excited if you happen to be voracious readers. Fresh graduates and experienced hands are equally welcome. We will train you to work with state-of-the-art tools, equip you with technical writing-, DTP- and translation-specific computer skills, teach you effective work techniques and provide you with a wonderful work environment that challenges your creativity.

If you have a science or technical background, a face-to-face meeting will help us show you the potential of this field as a career vis-à-vis the regular ones such as Engineering and MBA.

We are currently looking to fill the following posts for our Indian and European Language Department:

Job Type Location Number of Post
English-Bengali-English Translator Pune 1 post
English-Punjabi-English Translator Pune 1 post
English-Urdu-English Translator Pune 1 post
English-Tamil-English Translator Pune 1 post
English-Telugu-English Translator Pune 1 post
English-Kannada-English Translator Pune 1 post
English-Malayalam-English Translator Pune 1 post
French-English Translators Pune 3 posts
German-English Translators Pune 4 posts
Japanese-English Translators Pune 2 posts
Spanish-English Translators Pune 2 posts
Italian-English Translators Pune 2 posts

For any queries please contact us at :