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If I were to give you a 10kg tuna, what would you do with it? Throw a house party for all your seafood-craving friends? Or maybe sell it at the local fish market for cash to fund your next retail therapy session? I would slice and freeze it and do away with the idea of mainstream cooking for months, if you ask me! But the dwellers of Port Lincoln, Australia would beg to differ. They would choose to not only toss the tuna around with all their might but also make an international championship of it.

And of course, they would add to it a magnificent display of fireworks, some steak parties on the beach, beauty pageants and the works and make it a gala so irresistible that you would want to hop on the next fight to Adelaide to experience Port Lincoln’s Tunarama Festival in all its splendour.


The Tunarama Festival


22nd to 26th January, 2016


Port Lincoln Foreshore, Australia

A very fishy affair!

Though there is a lot more to the festival, I just don’t seem to be able to get my mind off these flying fish. Having grown up with track and field all around me, I have seen a lot of throwing, trust me – javelins, hammers, shots. But tunas? The World Championship Tuna Toss finds competitors from across the globe and winners are felicitated with fancy cash prizes and trophies. Not to mention the major bragging rights.

Let’s eat, drink and make merry, mate!

Even if you prefer eating seafood to tossing it, you won’t feel out of place. ‘The Long Table’ will see to it that the foodie in you is satiated throughout as it celebrates Eyre Peninsula’s best local cuisine, produce and wine with the backdrop of the picturesque Boston Bay. Add to that the gluttony and the music of the ‘Steakarama’.

And of course it isn’t all about heavy lifting and hard work. Head to the beach at night to witness the sky come alive with the spectacular firework display near the Town Jetty, relax with live music, feed the adrenaline junkie in you with the sideshows and rides or simply shop away at the Merchandise Alley. And don’t even think about packing your winter wear that is so inevitably associated with the month of January. Though it’s chilly back home, Australia boasts of a vibrant summer when most of the civilised world is snuggling in blankets.

So Happy Tossing!

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