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Nice Carnival

Aren’t we all in search of a nice place to visit? Maybe a vibrant place exemplifying the word “nice”? Well, guess what? There is one such place and it is more than consistent with that word! Nice is a city in France with old-world opulence fused with modern living, accompanied by a year-round sunshine and a smooth pebble beach to watch the sun call it a day. Add to that the delectable and titillating food leaving you to crave for more. And you know what? The list of all the nice things this place has to offer just goes on.


Nice Carnival, France


12th to 28th Feb, 2016

So what exactly is this?

The Nice Carnival is one of the world’s major carnival events. The biggest, the oldest and the most spectacular, it conforms perfectly with France’s ancient carnival tradition. This extravagant carnival in Nice has remarkable floats, flamboyant and fascinating costumes and a dazzling celebratory atmosphere. For 2 months leading up to the Mardi Gras, Nice bustles with colourful celebrations including carnival processions, exquisite flower parades, swanky soirees, rock concerts, techno shows and fireworks attracting an approximate 1.2 million people each year.

So how is it celebrated?

The Nice Carnival begins with a grand parade of around 20 floats that make their way through the crowded streets. At the head is the Carnival King. At this time, the city is flooded with flowers. Since 1876, the carnival has included a Battle of Flowers.

The world-renowned Bataille des Fleurs takes place on various dates throughout the carnival. Costumed men and women throw approximately 100,000 flowers on a zealous crowd. 80-90% of the flowers – mimosa, roses, carnations, daises, etc. – are proudly indigenous, highlighting the rich variety and quality of flowers grown in the French Riviera. The excitement in Nice is contagious and the atmosphere is exhilarating, making it the nicest place to be at that time!

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