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Grape throwing fest, Mallorca

Yes we’ve heard of Grape stomping events and fun food fights, but what’s this other wacky festival that Spain has for us? This September, Mallorca is the place to be if you want to be a part of the Grape Throwing Festival, a one-of-its-kind pelting fest that celebrates the grape harvest with two whole weeks of drinking delicious wine, stomping grapes and throwing them at all and sundry! A piper runs across the streets while the partakers follow him to the fields and pelt everyone there with grapes upon reaching! If this isn’t fun, what is?


In the charming town of Binissalem in Mallorca, Spain.


This event is celebrated annually, during the last weekend in September.

What is it and why is it celebrated?

Nobody really knows how this festival began, but it is believed that it started off as a harvest celebration when people didn’t know what to do with the grapes that were not good enough for wine-making. Though this festival was once a “locals only” event, and continues to be celebrated on a scale that is much smaller as compared to La Tomatina or Battaglia delle Arance, it is gradually growing as word is slowly getting around about this epic grape-throwing extravaganza.

So what exactly happens?

Keep your ears tuned to the sound of a rocket being fired in the main square (Ka-boom!). Now look for the traditional piper in the throng of people who is the harbinger of all things fun! Follow him to the grape fields and after a whistle blow, just let go of all your inhibitions and be a part of the revelry. Dive deep into those grapes, pelt everyone in sight, have your fill of the fabulous wines, enjoy the street bands, participate in grape-stomping contests…basically have a ball!

As for fun facts, Manto Negro is the grape used to make the local wines and is only cultivated in Mallorca, thus adding to the uniqueness of the event.

So go ahead, eat, drink, and be merry!

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