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Frozen Dead Guy

How do normal people feel when they lose someone close to them? Lifeless and crestfallen under the crushing weight of the Grim Reaper, like all the happiness has been sucked out of them, right? So, enjoying or celebrating a festival would never cross anyone’s mind at such a time. Or would it..?


Frozen Dead Guy Days


Nederland, Colorado, USA


Mar 11-13, 2016

So what exactly is this?

Frozen Dead Guy Days is one of the most alluringly quirky and unlikely of festivals. It has been held annually since the year 2000 to celebrate the story of Grandpa Bredo Morstoel, a Norwegian who died in 1989. This stupendous saga began when Grandpa Bredo’s family decided to preserve his body after his death at 89, in dry ice and ship it to a cryonics facility in the US. All was well until grandson Trygve Bauge had the body moved to Nederland to be with him and his mother, Aud Morstoel. The duo planned to start their own cryonics facility hoping that future technology would lead to corpse “re-animation”.

However, hindrances like lack of plumbing and electricity violated local ordinances and they had to relinquish the cryonics plan. Aud moved back to Norway and due to visa trouble Trygve had to be deported from Nederland. Keeping a body on a private property was forbidden as per the laws of Nederland but after a lot of pleading, Grandpa Bredo’s icy existence was allowed to remain in Nederland. The local and the national media picked up on the story, and Grandpa Bredo became a sensation.

So how is it celebrated?

People come from all around the world (including representatives of cryonics organizations) to celebrate Frozen Dead Guy Days and to are a part of the drollery accompanied by a lot of chilled beer. The wackiness what follows goes by the names – Parades of Hearses, Frozen Dead Guy Look-alike contest, Frozen Salmon Tosses, Frozen T-shirt contests, Ice Turkey Bowling, Polar Plunges and Coffin Races.

At noon on Saturdays, the coffin races take place, in which teams carrying coffins of a “corpse” of a team member rush to race each other on a snowy course. In the frozen T-shirt contest, the contestants don shirts chilled to an icy crispness 72 hours prior to the event and dance two rounds to compete for prizes. And in between all this madness, live music, food and beer add to the icy merriment.

So, if you are looking for a place to go and “chill”, you know it can’t get better than this!

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Shriya Chitnis Shriya is an 18 year old commerce student and a German enthusiast. A crazy dog person and in general a huge animal lover, she also has innate love for all sports and is a national level basketball player. An avid reader and unknown to the world of writing, she is now entering these unchartered waters with vigour and gusto.