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Five electronic gadgets that will simplify your life!

With people coming up with new gadget ideas every day, soon there will be a gadget for everything you do in life, and to simplify it. Even today, there are so many hidden gems which will help you make your life easier. So without further ado, here are five gadgets which will really simplify your life!

1. Bluetooth key-finders:

Honestly, who hasn’t lost their keys and then right before you need them, spent a few panicked minutes hunting throughout your home, and then finding them in the unlikeliest of places? It happens to all of us. But now, you can get electronic gadgets called bluetooth key-finders, which you attach to your keychain. Using your phone or tablet, you can then accurately track your keys within an approximate distance of 40 metres, even through walls, floors and piles of cushions in your sofa! This cool gadget is really useful for people who forget where they keep things, like me. You can also attach it to other things, like your spectacles case, your remotes, and basically anything you are likely to lose in the house.

2. Universal remotes:

Nowadays, people’s living rooms no longer have just a television set; they have a television set, a home theatre system and a Direct-To-Home system, which are all more or less used simultaneously to get that feeling of a ‘home-theatre’. Now, the problem is, not all of these devices have the same remote, and switching back and forth between remotes is clumsy, not to mention time and energy consuming (your energy and actual battery-cells). Enter, the universal remote. These handy gadgets can replace up to five remotes on an average, and will save you some serious head-aches. With these remotes, you can easily control all of your devices and enjoy your show or match!

3. GPS Dog collars:

Who doesn’t worry about their furry little friends? We all love your pets like they are family, and are constantly worried about them going for a ramble and getting lost. There is nothing sadder than losing your pet. The solutions readily available are micro-chips, which need to be inserted surgically and could lead to complications. Now, we have a new, better and easier solution, GPS dog collars! There are many brands which manufacture such collars, but one of the best are Buddy the Dog Collar. Their collar comes with an integrated GPS tracker, a Wi-Fi charging dock and bluetooth pairing capability. It also has LED lights, so that people can easily spot your dog in the night. So put your mind at ease, and let your dog have his fun too!

4. Laser Projection Keyboards:

Some people consider smartphones to be the greatest invention since the flame (I really wish I were kidding), but even the most ardent supporters of these nifty little devices seem to agree on one thing, the keyboards are too small and cluttered for extended use, and so people avoid drafting long mails and messages on their phones, even if they have to get up and power-on their laptops or PCs. Now, there is a great innovative gadget which will help solve this problem, laser projection keyboards. These devices are connected to your device via bluetooth or USB and project a medium-sized keyboard on the flat surface where they are kept. You just have to type as you normally would on a keyboard and the IR field reads your finger placement and voila! These keyboards will certainly help you out of a jam if you ever have to use your smartphone for work.

5. Car wind-shield HUD (Heads-up Display)

Since the time smartphones have become ubiquitous, the one feature which has been used considerably is the GPS, particularly while driving. People no longer need to stop on the road and ask other for directions, they are fed real-time information by the navigation program, with a turn-by-turn guidance system. However, some people need to actually check their phone for important reasons while driving, and everyone knows that glancing at your phone while driving doesn’t bode well! So, we have the HUD, a gadget which actually projects the contents of your phone onto a transparent plastic lens which then magnifies this and the image appears to float outside the windshield. Also, the focus of the image is in the distance, so you never have zone out of your view of the road. So you can check your phone, any messages or calls, and even follow real-time navigation, without taking your eyes off the road.

There are so many more such gadgets, innovations limited only by our imagination! I am certainly excited to see what new cool stuff the future holds for us, and how our lives become even easier with it. So, this rounds off my list, and I hope now that you have got a taste of how many innovative gadgets are available to us, you will start exploring on your own and find more cool and helpful gadgets!


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